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 October  2010

The Iryda, the Shrove and the Foyle pilotPassing giants

As all local readers know, the Roe Valley is not too far away from Lough Foyle and those readers who have followed our ship tracking
page will know that occasionally some rather large cargo ships parade past the valley.

The one in the picture is the Iryda, a Cypriot cargo ship registered in Limassol. With a length of 200 metres and a draft of 7.1 one metres she can just about squeeze in.

She is accompanied by two small official boats, the Shrove and the Lough Foyle Pilot.
The Market Yard in LimavadyThe Market Yard

Newsbrowser readers living in far away lands may well ask themselves:

"I wonder what ever happened to that Market Yard in Limavady?"

The answer is:

"Not much!"

We last discussed the progress of this dynamic town improvement scheme in February 2009.  The only thing that seems to have happened since then, is that the grass decorating the river-side wall has grown longer - which is of course entirely due to the difficult grazing conditions.

The development is rapidly turning into Limavady's oldest building site.
The Largy Bridge in the Roe ValleyA disappearing landmark

The Largy Bridge, which is a famous local landmark close to the Country Park Centre, is partly shown on the left.

Whilst trying to take a photograph for a local painter,
our photographer noticed that this beautiful structure can hardly be photographed at all these days. Vigorous vegetation has obscured the view from practically all possible sites upstream of the old bridge.

This really is a crying shame because one of the best views of local history in the area is becoming invisible.

One wonders if there could be  a way to combine nature's ways  with famous historic vistas?
Wind turbine at LGCLGC goes into receivership

The Limavady Gear Company, which is located in part of the former Seagate plant, has gone into receivership on the 22nd of this month.

The firm serviced wind turbines and even produced their own wind turbine model - one of which can be seen on the right of our photograph brought low like the company that made it.

LGC employs 27 people, whose job security looks very poor at the moment. The current administrators are trying to sell the business as a going concern.


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