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 September  2010

The centre of town death-trapIs this safe?

We came across this rather ingenious death-trap at the corner of Main Street and Connell Street.

We can only suggest that those in charge of fixing roads invest in some solid barriers. A driver looking out for pedestrians can very easily overlook these flimsy cones.  Any pedestrians with bad eyesight would obviously be in even more trouble. 
The Foyle Venture and the Princess Daphne in GreencastleCruise ships on Lough Foyle

Our splendid photograph shows the Foyle Venture - which is the Greencastle to Magilligan ferry - in the foreground and the cruise ship Princess Daphne lying off the Donegal shore.

The arrival of the Princess Daphne will come as a great surprise to the Londonderry Port and Harbour Commissioners who -  on their website  - confidently announce the expected arrival of the Dapne's sister-ship Princess Danae.

Well, what's in a name anyway and at least they got the 'Princess' part right!
The Danny boy monument in LimavadyThe monument is back

We would like to report the return of Limavady's Danny Boy monument. The frost damage it suffered during last Winter has been carefully repaired, though it seemed to us that the stony edifice in now a bit shorter than before.

Hopefully the monument is now in its final location.  A new water pipe has been fitted and no doubt the waves will soon be splashing from glen to glen and down the mountainside again.

We will not pass any more comment on those peculiar columns, lest people get the idea that we don't like them.
The Aghanloo show outside LimavadyThe Aghanloo show

This important sheep sale took place as always, on the third Monday of this month.

Local sheep farmers competed for the best pen and countless Jeeps pulling empty sheep trailers converged on the old airfield from all directions. There was also some very fine weather this year - which doesn't happen all that often.

First prize - as so often before - went to Arnold Douglas.  He is the one on the left holding a silver cup which must look awfully familiar to him.


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