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 April  2011

Naming the centre
The Roe Valley Arts & Cultural Centre

has finally got its official lettering. Our photographer caught the two lads on the right trying to spell the above title in Irish - which can't be an easy task!

So far the arts centre has been a great success and some of the exhibitions have been very interesting, particularly the current showing of artefacts from the Country Park Museum.
A smokey mountain outside LimavadyThe burning hills of the Roe Valley

Local readers may have noticed that no matter in which direction one looks, rather a lot of smoke is rising into the sky. However, there is no need to panic, because all the fires seem to be deliberate and well planned.

Apparently if a satellite picture of a farm shows too much whin or other non-productive vegetation, the affected land does not attract the usual grants. Hence, what does the canny farmer do to protect his income?  ........ You've guessed it!

It makes quite a stink though.
The missing planets

Earlier this month the 'Limavady Sentinel' newspaper published one of our photographs. Unfortunately - due to the printing process - it didn't show the promised planets Jupiter and Mercury, as seen here last week.

So that disappointed readers who have contacted us can see what they have been missing, we have uploaded a large copy of the photograph to Picasaweb.  Just click on the link below.


The same site also contains some oldish photographs of Limavady.
Can yoy read this?Finding your glasses

Our far-sighted reporter came across this informative sign the other day. It's at Howard Caskie's shop - a well known optician in Limavady and elsewhere in the area.

It occurred to our reporter, that if you are at the shop to buy a pair of glasses in order to be able to read signs again, this particular notice will not be of much use to you - unless of course you spot it on your way out!

Here is a link to our famous silly sign collection which records similar incidences of imaginative information manipulation.



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