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 February  2011

Some paintingsA Michael McGuinness exhibition

There is currently an exhibition of paintings and drawings by the well known Limavady artist Michael McGuinness, who works from London.

The paintings can be found on the upper floor of the new Community Centre and the show is well worth a visit. Prospective visitors have until the 26th of this month to admire the paintings.

Market in LimavadyOpen air market in centre of town

We stay close to the new Cultural Centre and watch the open air farmer's market just outside the building. We don't think the new square has a name as yet but by the looks of it it could soon be called 'Market Square'.

Apart from organic foods, fish and bread there were various stands selling ornaments and other craft items.

There were even some sound effects.

Myroe under water

Just when we thought it was all over ....

.... the Winter struck back with a vengeance. Early on the seventh of this month huge amounts of watery snow fell on high areas, blocking the mountain road to Coleraine and flooding many other roads in the valley.

Our photograph looks over Myroe - where most of the water seems to have ended up. The two small lakes are the river Roe, which burst its banks. The distant Sperrin mountains are still covered in snow.

The new/old Market Yard
The old Market Yard

It occurred to our editor, that there must be dozens of people scattered all over this planet, keen to know what has happened to this prime property since last we wrote about it.

The short answer is: nothing at all. The Market Yard is still a deserted building site.

As a deserted building site is not very nice to look at, we present our readers with a photograph from the collection of the late Harold Gough, showing the then New Market Yard.



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