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 June  2011

The Downhill monster buildingThe new-look Downhill

This is what the rock at Downhill looks like these days. The old hotel is long gone and they finally finished building - - - -  this.

Sharp eyes will notice massive blue nets covering the rock - all in all its not a very pretty sight for those who prefer the rather majestic rock.
Is it a lamb? Is it a collie?
Seen on a field near you

It appears that local farmers are so fond of the way their dogs look, they even breed sheep to look just like them.

Our photographer came across this border collie lookalike on a field in Aghanloo and instantly asked himself:

"How do you drive a flock of sheep if they look exactly like your dog?"

We leave the answer to our readers' imagination.
Scaffolds around the DoahThe Doah is looking blue

We know that the various Limavady drinkeries have a surprisingly large international following. So here is what the former Shenandoah bar looks like these days.

The place closed some time ago and the building was in pretty poor shape. In fact, birds could be seen scrambling through the roof tiles and flying away in a rather erratic fashion.

It is not yet clear what is going to happen to the place, but watch this space.

Fixing another gap in Main Street LimavadyClosing another gap in Main Street

As is only too well known locally, Limavady's central streets are full of gaps - places where someone knocked down a building and forgot to build a new one.

Well, the ugly gap beside the post office is finally being plugged in the traditional manner.

Not before time either!



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