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 March  2011


The new/old Market YardThe outlaw Cushy Glen

Readers with an interest in local folklore may like to know that our spell-checker Margaret Lueg has put virtual pen to paper and recorded everything she could find out about this famous local criminal, who gave the Murderhole Road its name.

You can read the article here: Cushy Glen - cut-throat and highway man

a con-trail
The sky above

Every day dozens of large jets fly over the Roe Valley on their way to and from America - amongst other places.

On the left is part of a contrail left by one of the planes. How the pilot did this is anyone's guess, but in our book he's the greatest con-artist ever to loop the loop!
A headless council worker?
The sights one sees in Limavady

Our photographer came across this strange looking character the other day. He wasn't quite sure  whether this is:
  • A fashion statement
  • a work of art
  • or a council worker who has carelessly lost his head.
One thing is certain: If this figure had had a head, he or she would have had a real good view of Catherine Street.
Jupiter and Mercury
Looking West at dusk

We know that many of our readers take an interest in things astronomical, so we would like to remind them that there is a rare treat in the sky at the moment.

About an hour after sunset, the largest and the smallest planet in our solar system form a remarkable double at the moment.

Our photograph was taken from Benevenagh looking across Lough Foyle towards the Donegal hills. Jupiter is on the left and Mercury on the right.

All that is needed now is another clear evening!



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