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 May  2011

Walter Cheadle in uniformWalter Cheadle
The Limavady War Project

William Houston has contacted the Roe Valley News Browser to ask for help with the Limavady War Project. The team is planning to produce a book documenting the involvement of people from the local area in the two world wars.

They are looking for photographs and other documents for inclusion in the book. One such photograph of Walter Cheadle, is shown on the left.

A rural polling station in the Roe ValleyElection day

The 5th of this month was election day. Not only were voters asked to elect a new Northern Ireland assembly and determine the membership of the local council, there was also a referendum on the voting system used for national elections.

Our photograph shows a rural polling station during a quiet moment of this hectic day.
Tudor, the news-hound
Tudor, the News-Hound

This is to let the many international admirers of our news-hound Tudor know that he is no more.

He featured in many of our
border collie tales and  was easily the cleverest canine ever to work for this cyber rag.
The Oven door without lightsPower failure makes Limavady traffic
run like clockwork

On the 9th day of this month there was a major power failure in the centre of Limavady. Most shops were either closed or in total darkness and even the traffic lights - bar one - were out of action.

As our headline indicated, this had a most beneficial effect on the flow of traffic in the centre of town.

Our illustration shows the Oven Door restaurant
on that day - unusually dark and devoid of customers.
A scraped road
Lower Main Street road works

This is the new look of Lower Main Street
in the middle of this month. As nothing was visibly wrong with the road, we have been trying to guess what may have happened. This is what we came up with so far:
  • A local builder needed some road scrapings to fix a lane up on Benevenagh and has just helped himself to raw materials.
  • The road service made a spelling mistake in their road markings and are in the process of correcting the error.
  • Due to a severe geographical misunderstanding, they are getting the town ready for next year's Olympic games



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