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August 2012

No train in Downhill

The train from Coleraine

Experienced train-spotters will have noticed instantly that no train is to be seen in our photograph. This is because the line is closed for repairs and passengers will have to take the bus for the next nine months or so.

The Coleraine to Derry train journey is one of the most scenic on this planet, but just recently the trains had to travel so slowly over ancient tracks - 5 miles an hour at times - that even experienced globe trotters got fed up with all that scenery.

Peace camp at Downhill

Hopefully the current repair work will keep the line open for another 100 or so years.

On the right is another view of the same place, this time taken from Mussenden Temple. 

Newsbrowser reader Brian Robinson took the picture  a few days ago. It shows the glowing tents of the recent peace camp - an artistic celebration of love, poetry and landscape.

There certainly is a lot of the latter!

Not a red wall at all!

Limavady signs

Regular readers of this amazing publication will know that the editor can't resist silly - unusual - misplaced or misspelled signs and likes to draw attention to the best of them.

This one is on an alleyway leading from Market Street to the central car park. All we can say to the unknown sign artist is :"That wall isn't red at all - the red wall is on the right!"

And here is the customary link to our famous Silly Signs collection

The cruise ship Astor

Ships on Lough Foyle

Those of our readers who take an occasional look at our Ships on Lough Foyle  page, might like to know what some of these visiting vessels look like (on a very good day).

Here is the cruise ship Astor being passed by the freighter Cemluna. The one has just carried a thousand passengers to the area, the other has just delivered a load of cement.

The picture was taken from Magilligan looking across to Greencastle, where all the large cruise ships have to anchor because Lough Foyle just isn't deep enough for them.


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