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February 2012

The townland sign for Ballycastle

Townland signs

We noticed that just recently many new signs have been erected showing weary travellers the name of the local townland. We can hear many of our readers cry: "Not before time either".

Townlands are an ancient method of giving a name to the smallest division of land. The names have mainly Gaelic roots but many have been Anglicized in charming and memorable ways. Readers not familiar with the idea of townlands may want to study this article about the townland of Ballyhanna.

Forty years ago Royal Mail decided that the likes of 'BT49 07X' or 'BT49 12Z' had much more of a ring to it than boring old 'Ballyhanna' or even 'Ballyriskmore' So they decided to discourage people from using the old fashioned names and use post codes instead.  Many people went along with this idea, but they never forgot the old tradition.

Well, now the townland names are making a comeback and another bit of local history has been preserved - hopefully for good.  Well done Limavady council.

The townland sign for Ballycastle

Automated trolleys?

Regular readers of this publication will know that we are always on the lookout for signs that aim to inform but succeed in amusing or confusing the astonished reader.

This rather visible example of the genre has appeared on the way out of Tesco's car park. Notice it says:

Please note trolley will stop beyond this point

In our experience there are only a few things that will stop a trolley:

  • Another trolley driven by a determined shopper

  • A car carelessly parked in the car park and always in the way

  • You have one of those trolleys that won't budge no matter what you do.

None of the above can apply to all Tesco's  trolleys. So we can't help wondering: Just what is it that makes them all stop beyond this point?

Indeed, what is the point?

Re-decorating Market Street

Re-doing Market Street

Building work is in progress to replace the well worn brick pavement in Market Street. Not only will it now blend in with the new square outside the Cultural Centre but those of us unsteady on our feet will be able to slouch along in safety again.

It will be interesting to see how long it will take until someone comes along with a nice new shiny digger and digs it all up again.


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