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June 2012

an olympic torch

The Olympic torch

Just a short note to remind our readers that the Olympic torch will be travelling through the Roe Valley on Monday the 4th of June. It should come to Bellarena around twenty past three in the afternoon and enter the town via the bypass around 4 o'clock.

Details of a more than adequate nature can be found on the website of Limavady council.

The photograph on the left is bound to give readers an idea of just what to look forward to!

an olympic convoy

That Olympic torch: Part II

The above-mentioned torch relay made it into Limavady around four o'clock on the 4th. It wasn't so much a relay as a convoy,  because most of the mileage was covered inside comfortable buses and the runners only carried the torch through the towns. Witnessing this, the ancients Greeks would have scratched their classical beards in wonderment.

As regular readers will know, the News Browser only shows pictures that other papers dream about, so on the right is a shot of a part of the Olympic Torch Convoy racing along the Aghanloo road.

The Gortmore beacon

The light that never was

As part of the Jubilee celebrations, beacons were to be lit all over Great Britain and Northern Ireland to celebrate the occasion.

Limavady council's website stated:

Council events then conclude on Monday, 4 June at 10pm with the Lighting of the Jubilee Beacon at Gortmore Viewing Point. This again is free of charge and is a fantastic way to round-off what will be a fabulous week of events in the borough so come show your support!

We've spoken to one participant who told us that it was a beautiful evening, several dozen people were waiting with baited breath and all could clearly see the beacon over in Scotland. Unfortunately nobody from the council turned up with either a Limavady beacon or a match to light it, so they all had to go home and wonder what on earth was going on.

As indeed do we.

A waiting Lough Foyle

The clipper round the world yacht race

We would like to remind local readers that the round the world yacht race should arrive in Lough Foyle around the end of this month.  For those interested in the current position of the boats,

here is a link to an up-to-date map

For the participants who might easily get lost, we provide the photograph on the right. This is what you are aiming at, folks. Lough Foyle, just West of the Roe Valley.

A waiting Lough Foyle

The wettest day

We are talking of course about the night of the 21st and 22nd day of this month, when even Roe Valley people were amazed by the amount of rain that can fall from the sky.

As our picture  clearly shows, there was considerable disruption and flooding of some premises. Both Dowland Road and Bolea Road were flooded and blocked for all but marine traffic. Large chunks of the nearby Drenagh estate are also under water.

Both the Curley and the Castle rivers flow normally again but more rain is forecast!

(Photograph kindly donated by star photographer Maurice Quinn, who seems to be waterproof.)


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