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May 2012

The capra hircus circus

The wild goats of Benevenagh

Friends and followers of our herd of wild goats - also known as the 'capra hircus circus' amongst cognoscenti - will be delighted to hear that the animals are doing well and have increased their numbers considerably.

Latest counts suggest at least fifty animals, though it is amazing how well some of them can stay hidden, so 50 could be a conservative estimate.

The coastal command gremlin

The old Limavady airfield is to be on television

Local readers may be interested to know that BBC 1 Northern Ireland is going to broadcast a three part television series about Northern Ireland's role in the second World War. The first part of the programme will feature the old airfield in Aghanloo. Our illustration on the right, entitled "The Coastal Command Gremlin" is one of the surviving wall decorations in that fascinating place.

The program will be broadcast on Monday the May 14 at 9pm or - as the guy on the right would have said - 21 hundred hours. If you can't wait that long to learn about the old airfield you may like to follow the link below.

 The old Limavady airfield in Aghanloo

Thank you Gareth Houston for the tip.

The coastal command gremlin

A walk along the river

Just below the former police station near the Roe Bridge a highly welcome civic improvement scheme is in progress. Some shrubs have been removed and helpful workmen are in the process of building a large set of steps all the way down to the river .

In days gone by one could easily reach the river from either side of the bridge so it is nice that this access is being restored. The new steps Our reporter was told that the work would be finished in about 2 weeks' time.

Another scheme near the Wisener's Lane is also in progress and when all is finished one will be able to take a rather nice walk along the river Roe.  Our reporter rang the council offices to congratulate them on this brilliant new scheme, but all he got was a rather curt message from an unwelcoming answering machine telling him to leave no message and ring back later. 

What a way to greet the inquiring  tourist!

blue sky looking west

Clear blue skies

We can't let this month end without commenting on the sunny weather we have been having recently. Clear blue skies everywhere - and not a cloud to be seen. In the past this website has been rather critical of the local weather, and all we can say now is that it is far too hot.

We include a picture of the sky above the Roe Valley looking West so that future generations will believe it when their grandparents tell them of the wonderfully clear sky we had back in old  2012.

If this lasts, everyone living in sunny Greece will want to move here.  Stranger things have happened!


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