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November 2012

The first snow of Winter

The first snows of Winter

This is what our ever-watchful editor saw when he looked towards Donegal on the first day of this month. Snow covered hills announcing the coming of Winter. It hasn't quite reached the Roe Valley yet but Winter is certainly on the way.

We are not exactly sure what the white hill in the distance is called but feel sure that something like Crock Crocky wouldn't be far off the mark.

A new footpath

The new footpath in Catherine Street

The rather trippable looking construction to the right is part of the new footpath in Catherine Street. Work is progressing well but it seems to this reporter that the planners haven't considered all the consequences of the new layout.

As our picture clearly demonstrates: up till now customers could comfortably park their cars on the footpath to run their errands - from now on they have to park on the double yellow lines to do their shopping, which of course impedes the town's traffic.

Limavady ancestry

Limavady ancestry

This is the name of a new exhibition held in the Cultural Centre - though 'Roe Valley ancestry' would have been a much better name. Limavady was much smaller in days of yore and in our experience nearly all looked-for ancestors were born in the country and not the town.

The exhibition is well worth a look. Readers who have an interest in this subject, might like to look at our  Notice Board,  which is full of requests for help by people looking for their roots.

Silly sign

Silly Signs

It occurred to our editor in charge of Silly Signs, that any pedestrian encountering this particular sign who can work out what to do next and why,  deserves a pay-rise at least!

Computer maps of the area

The Roe valley used to be badly served as far as computer maps is concerned. Google's effort is frankly very poor. We have come across a much better offering recently and know that some of our readers would be interested in this.

On the left is a view of the Country Park Centre with the River Roe and the Largy bridge clearly visible.

An art exhibition

The Magilligan Art Exhibition

There is an exhibition of local paintings and prints in the Magilligan Presbyterian Church Hall. It's open on Friday afternoon from two till nine and on Saturday the 1st from ten in the morning till four in the afternoon.

Everyone is welcome to take a look and should there be readers who find that they have couple of hundred pounds in their pockets - and they don't really know what to do with all that cash, they can even buy some pictures.

Proceeds go to church repairs and it costs £2 per adult to get in.


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