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October 2012

A bill-less billboard

No news yet,

but until something reportable happens, here is a nice little picture of a rainbow - pot of gold and all.

Railway work on the Coleraine Derry line

Fixing the railway

There is some evidence that the much talked about upgrade of the Coleraine - Derry railway line is under way.

Our view shows the line close to the Roe railway bridge next to the sea wall. They are not exactly tackling the job with all guns blazing, but there are certainly a couple of water pistols on either side of our picture.

Catherine Street in Limavady

Fixing Catherine Street

Catherine Street in Limavady is undergoing a facelift. The plan seems to be to make this rather worn-looking thoroughfare blend in better with our rather splendidly upgraded Market Street.

As the firm that did that particular job is the same outfit that is now tackling Catherine Street, we look forward to the result.

The pilot of our plane

Aerial views of the valley

May we draw the attention of our readers to a new section of this website. 'A Flight over the Valley'

is the record of a one hour flight from Eglinton airfield along Lough Foyle, over Benevenagh, down to Derry and back to the airfield.

There are several large photographs taken on the occasion which might just be of interest to local readers. Just click on the link below, or above or on the picture of our charming pilot to the right.

'A Flight over the Valley'

Several whooper swans in Myroe

Our somewhat noisy feathered friends

These are just some of the thousands of Bewick's and Whooper Swans on their usual seasonal visit to the Myroe levels at the shores of Lough Foyle.

The birds work the fields along the Seacoast Road and are one of the great sights (and sounds) of the valley.

One can't help wondering though how they will cope with that proposed wind farm! Can swans be taught to duck?

Autumn colours in Aghanloo wood

Autumn colours

It is not often that we can enjoy the glorious colours of Autumn in these latitudes. Usually the leaves just sort of go black and fall off, or else stay green and get blown away by the storms.

This year is different however, as our picture showing part of Aghanloo wood clearly shows. 

Long may it last!


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