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September 2012

Limavady fire station

Fire!!! . . . . Fire!!!!

What is it about the human psyche that makes some of us smirk when we hear that there was a fire in the local fire station?

Nobody was hurt and various experts were readily available to extinguish the embarrassing conflagration. Even the Dungiven fire brigade lent a hand and as can be seen on the right, the building is still operational.

Limavady fire staion

The Air show

Limavady had a very poor air show this year.  Even though this event takes place in distant Portrush, there is generally a good show over the Roe Valley as well. This is because plenty of strange planes can be spotted by those who like this sort of thing and indeed by those who don't as well.

This year nothing much flew over the valley on the first day, and on the the second day the mist was so thick, one couldn't see from one propeller blade to the next. As this cleared up, a final Belgian air-force helicopter could be seen escaping as fast as possible, heading for friendlier climes.

Better luck next time!

Limavady fire staion

World War I exhibition

We can recommend the First World War exhibition held in the Roe Valley Cultural Centre.

On show are some very interesting photographs, letters and other papers as well as uniform and weapon items.

The Aganloo sheep market

The Aghanloo yow show

This annual event took place on the 17th of this month. As can be seen, the weather wasn't always friendly, but judging by the amount of four-wheel-drive vehicles and trailers parked all over the place, business must have been fairly brisk.

As our reporter is a confirmed sunny weather photographer, he didn't wait for the result of the sheep judging. We will give this information as soon as it becomes available.

A bill-less billboard

Do you get the message?

We didn't!

In the past this publication has commented on the plague of billboards that haunts the centre of our town. There seems to be an unstoppable urge to put as many of these ugly artefacts as possible into the path of innocent pedestrians. However: - on the right is the first bill-less billboard we have spotted in town.

This just confirms a theory we have always had: these objects are not there to convey a message at all, it's the obstacle that counts!

And here is the customary link to our 'Silly signs' collection



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