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April 2013

The town of Limavady

Happy birthday Limavady

Some 400 years ago on the 31st of March 1613 Limavady was granted a royal charter. This turned a small plantation settlement into a corporate borough with the right to elect two members of parliament.

A lot of water has passed under the Roe Bridge since those days and for people who like to read about some of the things that have happened in all this time, here are a few relevant links.

A short history of Limavady

The borough's crest

The local history trail

If, on the other hand, you are more interested in what happened during the last 16 years, you can always turn to the 

Back issues of the Newsbrowser

Train watching

The Londonderry crawler

People who engage in the above hobby have had a scarce time just recently. The line between Derry and Coleraine was in such a bad state of repair that trains often had to slow down to a crawl. Embarrassed passengers watched with amazement as they were overtaken by grazing cows.

So the line closed down for repairs and no trains were to be seen for nearly a year. All this has changed now. Just in time for the City of Culture celebrations,  the Londonderry Crawler has been transformed into a much faster conveyance.

Our picture shows the train approaching the Roe railway bridge. In the background can be seen the Danish tanker Bro Anton and the hills of Donegal.

A lost bird

Do you know or own this bird?

This seems to be a lost homing pigeon who has spent a couple of nights and days on the roof of the Newsbrowser building.

The creature is of average weight and height and carries a yellow band around at least one leg. Part of the number on this ring is 2203.

The owner is welcome to contact the editor.


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