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February 2013

Snow-covered BenevenaghGood bye to the white splendour - for now

Now that the snow seems to have gone for a while, our readers might like to be reminded of just how spectacular Benevenagh looked during the cold spell. On certain days the noble peak had an almost alpine appearance.

Now, if the local hill farmers would plant the odd edelweiss here and there and diligently attend their weekly yodelling classes at the Tech, a completely new tourist attraction might be developed for the area!

An atomic noteThe clock that never goes wrong

Regular readers know that occasionally we try to give them the news that nobody else prints. Well, here's one such.

Those of you who fitted a new battery to your radio-controlled clock at the beginning of the month have maybe noticed that this had no effect whatsoever. The answer to this riddle is the notice on the left. Clocks which get their signal from the Frankfurt atomic clock are not affected.

Do (not) feed apples to horsesSilly signs

This public notice was spotted in the country park the other day.

As there was no horse-like animal to be seen for miles around and the gate was wide open, one can only assume that this is a general admonishment to the public - or possibly a guide  towards a new philosophy of life.

Horses and apple growers may not agree of course.

Here's a link to our Silly Signs collection


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