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May 2013

A very un-busy Market Street

Quiet times

Readers of this ancient publication will have noticed that not much seems to be happening around here and have possibly come to the conclusion that either our editor is very lazy or that times are quiet.

The same can be said for the centre of town . Our picture of Market Street was taken on a Monday afternoon, showing the hustle and bustle of a busy shopping street.

Quiet times indeed!

Drowning primroses

The balmy month of May

After a cool start the Roe Valley finally got a wonderfully sunny day on the 17th of this month. Wall to wall sunshine and hardly a cloud in sight.

"This is what the weather is supposed to be like" one could hear people mutter. They should have known better!

The next day turned out to be the rainiest day for a long time. The North West 200 motor cycle race had to be abandoned and water poured where water had never poured before: witness our rather surprised looking primroses on the right, who rued the day when they seeded there.


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