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November 2013

Limavady below

A sick note

As our editor and scribbler in chief is lying flat on his back pretending that said part of his anatomy is not even remotely in a working condition, we provide our readers with a nice view of Limavady and surrounds to make their visit to this site not a total waste of time.

We'll be back as soon as he stops pretending!

The first snow of winter

A sign of things to come?

On the left is a photograph of Scalp Mountain across Lough Foyle. The picture was taken a few days ago from Benevenagh Mountain, outside Limavady.

The expert eyes of our readers will spot instantly that the scalp of the Scalp is covered with snow. As far as we know this was the first snow of the season. After the winter performance of the last three or four years, this might just be the sign of what's to come.

When we asked our editor to comment, he just groaned: "O, me back hurts" followed by :" I wish people would stop dreaming of a white Christmas!"

The Broighter torc

The Broighter Gold comes back to Limavady

The famous Broighter gold hoard is returning  to Limavady for a short visit. It can be seen in the Cultural Centre from the 12 of November till the beginning of December.

The treasure was found more than 100 years ago in a field just outside Limavady.  The link below leads to our article about the find.

The Broighter Gold

The Broighter room

The Broighter exhibition

This is the rather nice exhibition of the Broighter Gold in the cultural centre. The staging of the event has been very tastefully handled and it really is a must-see for everyone at home in the Roe Valley.

The treasure is a wondrous sight. It's a pity the gold boat was considered to be too fragile to be moved. One can't help wondering why, considering it spent 3000 years in a field, was dug up, washed in a sink, sold to the British Museum in London and was then moved  all the way to Dublin.

What more could one do to it?


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