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October 2013

three or four roof gardens

The roof-gardens of Limavady Town

On a walk through our lovely town our reporter was amazed to discover a hitherto unnoticed aspect of the town centre - mainly the above-mentioned horticultural objects.. It struck him that the tourist potential of these attractions has never been properly exploited. There is nothing like elevated greenery to stimulate the wandering stranger. Just in case the town planners take up this idea, we have a few suggestions:

  • Some of the greenery is rather monotonous so a greater variety should be planted. Flowering cherries and rose bushes spring to mind.
  • Serve coffee and tea, even light snacks. High flyers like to eat a lot.
  • Access to these facilities is scandalously difficult at the moment - steps or rope ladders should be installed.

On the other hand: a long ladder, a spade and some weeding might also improve the look of the town centre!

A sabotaged sign

A silly golf course sign

This admirable sign, which is more sabotaged than silly, can be admired near the back entrance to the Roe Park Resort hotel.

We have little to add, except that our reporter definitely was not in possession of a small paint brush and some red paint when he took this picture!

Here is a link to our  famous 'Silly Signs' collection

Some wild goats in Aghanloo wood

A tale with 36 horns

Fans of the Wild Goats of Benevenagh may be interested in this rare close-up of the creatures.  The photograph shows some of the herd grazing  in Aghanloo wood, which is the deciduous woodland along the bottom slopes of Benevenagh.

Our picture show 18 of the goats - only a small part of the herd.  All of them look healthy and ready for the stresses of Winter.

If you like to see this picture come to life,  just follow this link to YouTube

The real sign

silly turbines

Silly Signs for the Times

Above is one of the signs proclaiming the Binevenagh area of outstanding natural beauty. And of course, that is exactly what it is.

We feel however that the authorities should go with the times and if current plans mature and wind turbines a third the height of  the mountain are indeed planted on this beautiful spot, the sign on the right would be much more appropriate.

Not so much a silly as a sad sign, really.

Picking up the pieces

Yet another accident at the Aghanloo Road

Considering that this stretch of road is totally straight, a lot of accidents happen here. The last one we reported was in January this year and it happened just a few yards further up the road.

Lets hope that the driver got away with a scare. That impressive hole in the hedge certainly scares us!


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