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August 2014

An old bar

Small and welcome changes

Our roving reporter came across this sight the other day. The building on the right was formerly a bar and it has been unused for quite a while.   In its heyday the front of the building was painted in the most glaring blue and later red paint - the sort of shades frequently used in town to attract thirsty customers.

Some kindly person has scraped all this horrid decoration off and left a better-looking but slightly worn frontage. We hope that the rather nice original look of this building will be restored in time.

Unless of course someone has thought of an even worse coat of paint!

A cruise ship

Ships on Lough Foyle

Visiting cruise ships have been rather scarce this year, but on the left is one that parked outside Moville on the 26th of August.

She is called 'Crystal Symphony' and can accommodate nearly one thousand, five hundred passengers and crew. As there are eight decks and the ship is 238 metres long, over-crowded corridors shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Wild goats on Benevenagh

The wild goats of Benevenagh

Friends of our feral friends on the right will be pleased to hear that all is well with the herd of wild goats roaming the heights of Benevenagh.

There seem to be plenty of young ones and the adults look healthy and prosperous. Recently our  editor - glued to his binoculars - counted as many as sixty animals in the herd.

Long may they roam.

A video of our friends on the right can be watched here:

A herd of wild goats on Benevenagh



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