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January 2014

Happy New Year

Fixing Market Street

Civic improvements

The slow improvement of the footpaths along Market Street is slowly but surely reaching its target. Our picture was taken on a cold windy day early in January and one should think that come Summer, this job will be well and truly finished.

With any luck they'll fix up some of the houses next.

Don't be suicidal here

Cause and effect

Unlike most of the signs we report on, this one isn't silly at all. This rather sharp notice can be seen at the entrance to the former market yard - now just a big empty space.

It struck our reporter that one doesn't often come across such a vivid example of just why this barricade is so dangerous.

The back burn park in Limavady

The Back Burn Park

Limavady exiles - and indeed some residents - may be interested to see how this area of the town - known locally as the Back Burn pad - has grown from a rather grotty looking, rubbish strewn footpath into a lovely public amenity.

The Back Burn Park is at the bottom of Main Street and is a leftover of Limavady's failed experiment with the railway age. Years ago the Limavady - Dungiven railway spur used to run along here - which is presumably why this open space has survived.

Congratulations to those responsible - the place looks splendid.



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