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July 2014

The fleet is leaving

The fleet is away

The above photograph shows the round the world clipper fleet heading down Lough Foyle towards deeper waters and adventures wet and new. On the 29th of last month they assembled near Magilligan point and the last lap of the race began. They were given a noisy send-off by the Red Arrows and onlookers didn't just line the shores but the mountains as well.

The Bishops Road - which leads from Limavady to Downhill via Benevenagh mountain was transformed from a road with a view into a car park with a severe parking problem.

Everything is quiet now though.

Limavady on the 12th

The 12th of July in Limavady

Limavady was one of the centres of this year's 12th of |July celebrations. It is said that close to thirty thousand people visited the town that day to watch the bands, eat and drink and unfortunately look for an umbrella shop to try and keep dry.

Our picture was taken from three miles away during the height of the celebrations. Isn't it wonderful how 30 000 people can hide without a trace when looked at from such a short distance? Apart from a lot of cars parked along the bypass (centre right) - there isn't a trace of them anywhere!

Cleaning gear for cows

The Limavady agricultural show

The Limavady show was held on the 19th of this month and as always, was great fun to visit. As can be seen from the pictures below, sheep, cows, horses, people, goats and all sorts of other creatures could be admired.

It is often not realized just how much work goes into the complicated business of making basically unpresentable animals look respectful and fit for inspection by highly critical judges. The equipment on the left was used to clean up just two animals.

Experienced eyes will spot an industrial vacuum cleaner connected to a portable generator, two yellow buckets (one per cow), brushes, combs, paint and a suitcase full of unidentifiable items to help cope with the inevitable little emergencies.

And after putting all this effort in, there isn't even a guarantee that one will win anything. There is enthusiasm for you!

Here are some more participants.

Some views of the show

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