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June 2014

Stages of the bypass

Time-pass on the by-pass

As we have absolutely no astonishing or sensational news to report whatsoever, we present a little  piece of recent Limavady history.

The other day whilst strolling over the Rugby Club car park, our editor was struck by the fact that the bypass was so well screened by vegetation that one hardly knew it was there. Back in the office he instructed a team of researchers to look for some older images of  said roadway. The results of this research can be seen on the right.

The top picture was taken on the 13th of November 2002 and shows some rather hectic building activity. Experienced eyes will spot that the bridge is in a rather vertical position. Later on they luckily decided to build it  a more horizontal direction.

The second shot shows the bypass in June 2005. The road is built, the bridge lies reassuringly flat and there isn't a bush in sight.

The bottom shot was taken in May this year. The bridge is still visible but the road and the traffic are well hidden by lush vegetation.

Well done some gardener or other!

To the turbine

The Country Park this month

Work continues near the Country Park Centre. Half the area is roped, fenced or plastic-taped off, big heaps of spoils adorn the countryside and huge plastic pipes fight for space with even huger machines and bemused looking dog walkers.

Our photograph on the left shows what used to be the rather nice old millrace, now demolished. The big black hole near the centre of the photograph is the inflow to the turbine of the old power station.

We hope that it will  be worth the huge effort in the end!

shipsThe round the world yacht race

Just reminding those of our readers interested in water sports of this kind, that the boats participating in this race  are entering Lough Foyle at the moment. (This moment being Monday the 23rd at 10 o'clock in the morning.

Visibility is so poor that no pictures can be provided. However, our up-to-date display of ship traffic in Lough Foyle will provide all the latest positions of the yachts - no matter what the weather does. Just click on the link below.  All the yachts are designated Cv followed by a number. For example, the local boat is Cv30.

Ships on Lough Foyle

Our illustration shows a bit of confusion at Magilligan point.


The round the world yacht race revisited

As experienced readers of this cyber rag know, we are usually the last but occasionally the first with the news. So here we present a photograph showing five of the above-mentioned clippers heading towards that town at the end of Lough Foyle. Our camera wasn't wide enough to show any more of the fleet.

The leading vessel the left is a Lough Foyle pilot boat. This is followed by the five clipper boats. Not a sail in sight amongst the lot of them!

The local boatWhen Brian Robinson - a long term reader of the News Browser - heard of our problem with bad visibility, he kindly donated the picture on the right.

In the lead is the local boat - the yacht with the extra long name 'Derry-Londonderry-Doire'. This mouthful is followed by a lifeboat which is followed by a (non-racing) yacht. The picture was shot from the roof of Coolkeragh power station and shows the view just outside the Lough Foyle yacht club.

Thanks again, Brian.


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