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November 2014

Monster sun spot 2192

The Sun above

We know that many of our readers take an interest in things astronomical, so here we present a picture of the sun above Limavady taken on the 24th of October.

Experienced readers - and indeed everybody else - will instantly notice the rather large sunspot. This is sun spot number AR 2192 and is truly a monster of its kind. It is as large Jupiter, the biggest planet in the solar system.

Since appearing on the left side of the sun the AR 2192  has been fairly active, but so far no satellite damaging coronal mass ejections have occurred. But it's early days yet. People interested in following this sunspot can to so via this link:  Spaceweather

It is customary on these occasions to warn readers not to look at the sun with the naked eye. You have been warned - taking pictures like the one on the right takes special equipment and - in cloudy Limavady at least - a good bit of luck and patience.

More goats on Benevenagh

Those goats again

Just a short update on the much loved herd of wild goats of Benevenagh. 

Experienced goat-counters will instantly realize that there are about 27 animals in the group on the right. Judging by the length of those horns and the number of young ones, all is well with our feral friends.

Flooded Myroe

The rainy season

Regular readers of this site will know that this paper occasionally makes some disparaging remarks about the Roe Valley's constant proximity to rain laden clouds, but the last few days were a bit much for even the hardiest rain-soaked veterans.

Mind you, the valley got off rather lightly. Whereas other places in Northern Ireland had flooded homes and blocked roads, the valley got off rather lightly. The river Roe is overflowing in places and Myroe  - as can be seen in our picture - looks rather soaked but so far there are no reports of any serious damage.

Let's hope it stays this way.



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