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April 2015

Risen sea god

Farewell Limavady Borough

On the first day of this month Limavady Borough council will pass into history. The council district was created in 1973 though its history stretches back for several centuries. Just follow this link if you didn't know this. The Roe valley area will join Ballymoney, Coleraine and Moyle to form a new 'super council' with the rather touristy name of 'Causeway Coast and Glens District': what a mouthful.

We wish the new council well.

A nnew sign for the council

A sign of the times

On the left can be admired a rather cheap looking new sign declaring this building to be the "Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council". Mind you, the first thing you see when you walk through the front door is a big sign pointing to the Limavady Borough Council.

It appears that even though this is the Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council (what a mouthful!) on the outside, it is really still the Limavady Council on the inside!
Traffic down Main Street Meanwhile - further up-town - it appears that despite the new by-pass, traffic down Main Street is just as packed as it has always been.

The town seems to be in the process of being spruced up for the Spring. Several of the tall buildings lining Main Street sport scaffolding right up to the roof tops and in Market Street several houses are being given a new coat of paint. New pavement in Limavady

And what can one say about our brand new footpaths?
Splendid looking workmanship!
Two blurry bats

The bats are back

As many of our readers know, bats are hibernating animals. Our editor - who has the strange philosophy that only because you can't hear it, there is no reason not to listen to it - acquired a brand new bat detector and was impatient to try the thing out. Finally the little flyers decided that it was warm enough for them to wake up and make their first appearance on Benevenagh this year. Here is a small sample of what they were talking about:

We call the piece "Sinfonia in A-bat major".


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