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  August 2015

Giant stepsThe Blue Moon

At the end of last month  - as all the media widely reported - there occurred a 'blue moon' which wasn't blue at all. This is of course not very surprising, because a blue moon is simply a second full moon in a month - a calendric accident, so to speak.

On the scientifically doubtful assumption that every once in a blue moon the blue moon should really be blue, the Newsbrowser presents a picture of such an event:

 Lough Foyle and the lights of Derry under the light of a very blue moon.

It's a pity last month was July and not April!

Market Street LimavadyThe town in Summer

Due to a severe lack of any other news items we thought we would show a few up-to-date pictures of Limavady. This is partly for those of our readers who left the town in days of yore and would like to know what the place looks like in this day and age.

On the left is Market Street on a busy Saturday morning.

Below on the left is a view of Main Street looking up towards the market yard end of town and on the right is a picture of Catherine Street. Mind you, no matter how much you try, there is no way of making a photograph of Catherine Street look pretty!

Mainstreet LimavadyCatherinestreet

A council signA sign with possibilities

This delightful sign can be found at the car park entrance to the town library. Readers not familiar with the layout should know that the library shares a building with the council offices.

Our editor - when he spotted this sign couldn't help but philopsophise about some of the aspects of this notice. Members of the public who want to vist both the library and the council offices obviously have a long walk ahead of them - from the carpark - into the library - back out again to the car park - walk around to the front of the building - enter council offices via the front door.

Quite some exercise.

Notice that it says: "public access". We take it that this means that people who work in the council offices are quite free to make use of this short-cut.

What's so special about them?



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