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  December 2015

Limavady art exhibitionA really nice exhibition

We are talking about  the Limavady Art group exhibition in the Keady Gallery of the Cultural Centre, which our reporter liked a lot.

The paintings are all by Roe Valley amateur painters and most of their works are quite stunning - thoroughly recommended in fact.

The exhibition will be held until the 26th of December

Limavady art exhibition

The northern clock faceI wonder what time it is?

The other day our reporter found himself in town without a watch, telephone or any other means of checking the time. There are very few public time pieces in Limavady, but our man remembered that the council provides a very nice clock on the front of what used to be the Alexander Memorial Hall, nowadays called the Cultural Centre.

The clock showed four minutes past four - which was somewhat astonishing as he had just had breakfast. His astonishment turned into disbelief when he checked the other side of the clock because there it was ten minutes to two!

As this is clock is part of a public building, this obviously leaves a bad impression on any stray tourist that the town is so keen to attract.  One can imagine the conversation back  home in America:

"On your visit to Northern Ireland, did you visit a town called Limavady?"

"O yes, I did. It's the only town in Ireland where even the wrong time is wrong."

There follows a thirty second pause for thought:

"No wonder our ancestors decided to emigrate!"

Limavady art exhibitionA The return of Manannan mac Lir

The sculptor John Darren Sutton has announced that his replacement for the statue of the ancient sea god, vandalised and thrown over a cliff high up on Benevenagh mountain earlier this year, is ready for delivery.

The mysterious  disappearance of this statue caused quite a stir at the time and a Facebook page asking for its return had a massive following. It is not yet known exactly when the statue will be returned to the original site.

It might be better not to this at this time of the year though, when hardly anyone is around up there. After all, the criminals who caused the ratepayers 10 000 pounds' worth of damage by destroying the previous statue are still at large and have never been caught. Unless the new statue is made from lead and too heavy to shift, there is no reason why the crime should not be repeated.


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