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February 2015

No trace of the stolen statueThe sea god 

Readers may remember that the much-loved statue on the right was stolen last month. So far no trace of it seems to have been found. There has been a considerable local and international response to this crime, as the Facebook site Bring back Manannan Mac Lir the Sea God
amply proves. We shall keep our readers informed of  any future developments.

More building work on Main StreetBuilding work on Mainstreet 

Isn't it amazing how year-in year-out someone or other is ripping up bits of Main Street and then putting it all back together again in a slightly different order?

After they finished the last lot, this reporter felt sure that this would do them till the beginning of the next decade at least. But no - this new year has hardly started and the red and white barricades, yellow jackets and busy machines are at it again.  'When will it all end?' one is tempted to ask, but of course it never will.

The work in the Country ParkA builders mess 

Surface work in the Roe Valley Country Park seems to be nearly completed. Readers may remember that they are converting the old power station to an educational hydro electric generating station. This involves installing a new generator and building a canal to fetch water from further upriver.

Below is a photograph showing part of the new canal. From this point, the water goes under ground to the new/old power station. The latter can be seen on the right, surrounded by the usual builder's mess. Access is still restricted, but things are looking up!

The new water supply

Rare animal spotted on BenevenaghThe Irish double headed donkey 

Here is a sight one doesn't see very often: the very rare duo capita equus hibernis asinus or double headed Irish donkey. This little beauty was spotted on a field high up on Benevenagh where strange looking creatures are very common indeed. In fact they are nearly as common as strange optical illusions!

Another silly sign spotted in LimavadySign saying: Press buzzer for assistance 

This sign is not just silly, it is a somewhat antiquated leftover of the Daintifyt factory which used to operate here in days of yore. Our reporter pressed the button several times to ask for assistance with fixing this bell, but there was no reply.

The sign of course was silly even when there was assistance available. The buzzer referred to in the sign was at the other end of the wire in the gate house. People at this end could only press the push button which activated the noisy thing!

And here is the customary link to our famous Silly Signs collection


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