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  June 2015

The Beresford obelisk The good-as-new Ballyquinn Obelisk

This remarkable structure - about which you can learn more via this link - was erected around 1840 to commemorate Henry Barré Beresford, a local landlord and agent of the Fishmongers.

Due to its rather advanced age, the monument was in a state of considerable disrepair and would certainly not have lasted another 175 years. The Follies Trust, an organisation which raises funds and expertise to look after splendid old monuments like this, came to the rescue. After raising nearly a hundred thousand pounds and spending considerable time in surveying, planning and building, the work was finished this year.

The effort was not wasted and the structure makes a splendid addition to the countryside. They have even replaced the two broken plaques which had gone missing quite some time ago.

They have also printed a very nice and informative booklet about this monument. It is available at the Country Park and the Cultural Centre.

Our thanks go to Gerald McGill, who drew our attention to this story.
Some town improvement The moving centre of town building site

Town improvement work is still continuing in Limavady. Builders have worked their way down both sides of Main Street and they are now bricking around the corner outside Lidl's into Connell Street.

Bemused observers might be forgiven for feeling that they are bound to run out of either patience, bricks, money or motivation fairly soon, though all those busily concerned look fairly optimistic.

A very slow ramp Slow moving Silly Sign

Our photographer reports that when he took this photograph near the Scroggy Road Health Centre, the ramps mentioned were so extremely slow - they were practically stationary!

And here is the usual link to our famous 'Silly Sign' Collection'

A very slow ramp Saving Benevenagh

The Binevenagh SOS campaign has sent the following message to the News Browser:

The Binevenagh SOS campaign is made up of concerned residents, businesses and the Ulster Gliding Club and is fighting a proposal for a wind farm in the middle of Binevenagh AONB.

We are aiming to raise £5,000 to pay for the specialist planning and legal advice needed to take on the developers, who will be spending many times that amount to try to force the proposal through.


Cheques can be made payable to the ‘Ulster Gliding Club Ltd’ (please mark SOS on the back), and sent to The Treasurer, Ulster Gliding Club, 4 Osborne Park, Coleraine, BT51 3LU. Alternatively donate online through the link below.


Many of our readers will know of the outrageous plan to erect the tallest wind turbines in Northern Ireland right on top of our beloved Benevenagh mountain, threatening the landscape, birds of prey and protected bats in roughly equal measure.

Mind you,  some people will become slightly richer and  the price of electricity will probably rise to pay for the subsidies. This paper is obviously on the side of  the   Binevenagh SOS campaign and hopes that some of its readers feel the same way about our  landscape.



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