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May 2015

Bullock lane Wonders will never cease!

The stretch of unremarkable dust and stones on the right is known as Bullock Lane. It leads past the Courthouse to the Rugby club car park and the back entry to Limavady Tech.

Experienced local eyes will look in astonishment at the row of brand new kerb stones, suddenly embellishing this thoroughfare. The colourful machinery in the background has been assembled to spread tarmac upon this little road.

Now, this reporter has been in Limavady for nearly fifty years and in all that time this lane way has never seen builders of any kind whatsoever. Whatever will they do next - develop the Market Yard?

A traffic hold-up Civic improvements

Town improvement work is continuing all along lower Main Street - and as our photograph vividly shows, at times the squeeze is reduced to less than a single lane.

Mind you, as usual in Limavady, any delays don't last very long and the traffic seems to flow no matter what the builders do.
Some ploughs Ploughing exhibition in the Cultural Centre

Those of our readers who have always felt the irresistible urge to improve their know-how of how to plough, should visit this rather nice exhibition currently in the Cultural Centre.

On show are a few rather nice old ploughs as well as models and photographs of all sorts of matters connected with this penetrating activity.

A very interesting effort, and if yet more information is required, our readers can always study our report of the 
Northern Ireland Vintage Ploughing Championship which was held outside the town quite a few years ago.



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