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  November 2015

Mainstreet LimavadyTypically Main Street

When scanning through our extensive picture library our editor came across this rather revealing shot of Main Street. We hope it will raise a few sentimental tears in the eyes of our distant readers, who nowadays only experience Main Street Limavady in their nightmares. This fairly typical scene was captured not very long ago:

   In the distance heavy road-building machinery is blocking half the road.
   In the foreground a pedestrian is running for his life 
   and . . . .
   on the right a car gets booked by a hard working traffic warden.

It couldn't be more more typical than that!

Fire at the Brickkiln siteLarge fire at the Brickkiln site in Maydown


Today large clouds of smoke drifted over Lough Foyle again. Local fire fighters were joined by men from Strabane, Dungiven and Omagh to fight the fire at the now closed Brickkiln waste management plant.

The firm went into administration in July after a large fire at their Heather Road site.


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