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  October 2015

A lunar eclipseThe lunar eclipse

There has been a lot of media hype about last month's total lunar eclipse. An ordinary harvest moon was turned into a super moon and some people were even certain that the world would come to an end. As is usual on these occasions, nothing much has changed.

The great show turned out to be just an ordinary total lunar eclipse and - as often in Limavady - visibility was reduced by drifting clouds. Our photographer dragged himself out of bed at ten to three in the morning and took the picture on the left. The fact that the moon was slightly larger than usual is of course totally lost in a photograph.

Totality occurred about 30 minutes later, but our lazy employee decided not to wait and crawled back into his bed.

An earlier lunar eclipse

So as not to disappoint those who would like to see the whole thing, we re-publish a photograph assembled for the Newsbrowser in March 2007, when conditions were ideal.

Our picture shows four stages of the eclipse quite nicely. During total eclipse the moon often turns red. Sensationalists like to talk about a blood moon. (Why does it always have to be blood or the devil?)

The colour effect is of course caused by ordinary Rayleigh scattering. You can see the same thing happening when watching a beautiful sunset.

Hangglider over LimavadyThe sky above Limavady

Our reporter happened to look up the other day, when he spotted this peculiar flying machine. It flew right across the landing approach zone to Eglinton airport and then over Limavady. Where the daring pilot landed has not yet been established.
Hangglider closeup

Wild goatsThe wild goats of Benevenagh

We had some enquiries about the welfare of the wild goats of Benevenagh - a herd of about fifty or so animals who have been grazing our scenic mountain for years.

We are glad to report that all is well with our feral friends and they look (and smell) as well as can be expected.

A parking signSilly Signs

Our watchful reporter spotted this sign outside the Cultural Centre where he was parking his car.

The sign is somewhat vague, but this is his interpretation: You are allowed to park your car for precisely one hour, because once parked there, you are not allowed to return to your vehicle within that one hour. This means of course that it is mathematically impossible not to exceed the time limit. One hour plus a minute or two to get into the car, store your shopping and then drive away takes extra time. This means of course that it impossible to park there without running the risk of being fined - quite clever really!

However. Our man beat the system. He started his stopwatch the second his car was parked, waited at the door until the hour was up, jumped in and rushed away - nearly ten seconds before the traffic warden - who was sprinting up Main Street - managed to get there.


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