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April 2016

Looking south-westA new structure

The other day our editor thought he could see a peculiar new structure at the sea side end of the Eglinton (City of Derry) runway. He waited for a very clear day and - using the biggest telescope he could find - managed to get this remarkable photograph.

Extensive research showed that this is a new 'Emergency Service Access Jetty', which must have been built during the last year or so.

Given some extra features, it should soon be possible to moor your yacht close to shore, row to the jetty and board your plane there and then - quite a time saver.

Whatever will they think of next?

The Lough Foyle ferry in better daysThe ferry is no more

The Lough Foyle ferry - seen on the left in better days - has been connecting Greencastle with Magilligan since 2002. But now the vessel has been sold and the company has stopped the service.

The problem is not lack of passengers but lack of money. The two councils concerned - Donegal and Causeway Coast and Glens councils - have put out a new tender, but as they refuse to contribute any money themselves the chance of finding anyone able to run this service at a profit whilst charging a reasonable price are very remote.

This is obviously a great pity, as the journey across Lough Foyle was a beautiful trip with wonderful scenery on both sides of the water. Anybody wanting to travel from Greencastle to Magilligan now will have to drive along one side of Lough Foyle - negotiate the city with that long hyphenated name - and come back along the other side of Lough Foyle - a journey of many miles..

Below is one of our archive pictures from the year 2001 showing the new ferry terminal under construction. It looks as if the only ferry we will get in the future will look something like that white thing dangling on the left of the picture!

The new ferry



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