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 February 2016

Sunset over Lough FoyleBack soon

Hopefully this publication will be operational again fairly soon. Meanwhile . . .

Here is a picture of the sun setting over Lough Foyle take a few days ago.

Building works in Irish Green StreetTown improvements

By the miracle of extensive rest and laziness our editor has finally  recovered. He has given up pretending and is (sore) back at work. Here it goes:

Busy trench diggers and road blockers have been working their way through the centre of town for  a few months now. They have  finally reached Irish Green Street and judging by the traffic jams, they are doing a really good job.

For further comment about this building activity see below.

Many silly signsSilly signs galore

This is a look at the above-mentioned building activity from the Catherine Street direction.

Now -  we can understand the need for one sign - even two signs might seem reasonable. We fail to understand however why this particular spot needs five of the red and white little beauties.

By the time the average person has read his way through this lot, the pedestrian traffic light will have gone red and he will step out on to the road to be run over by the next five cars!

This is obviously one example of the fact that even though none of these signs is actually silly, silliness is achieved by a very careful arrangement and great attention to detail.

Here is a link to our famous Silly Signs collection.

Two point(er)less clocksThose point(er)less clocks

Regular readers may remember our December article
about the two clocks on the old Alexander Memorial fašade which is part of the new Cultural Centre. We are glad to report that some courageous person working in the council offices actually reads this paper and has done something about the problem.

Now, there are various ways one can deal with stubbornly stuck clocks:

There is for instance the obvious way. One actually fixes the thing. Apparently there are insurmountable problems to this solution not easily grasped by the casual observer, involving massive obstacles of a technical nature.

Then there is
the builder's way, which involves covering the offending article with an old cement bag and forgetting all about it. This of course costs very little money but only lasts until the next storm.

Alternatively there is the  radical way of simply removing the offending article and hoping that nobody will notice the difference. The problem is of course that somebody always does!

One could consider the far out way. For this one employs some men with ladders. One of the gang comes along every minute to advance the hands of the clock to the correct time. This is of course very tiresome and expensive - and what do you do if their clock goes wrong?

Let us not forget the lazy way. This is the modus operandi of most official bodies and consists of simply looking the other way and not doing much about it at all - ever. This was of course the chosen solution until some time ago,

Lastly there is the sideways  thinking way. You simply remove the pointers of the clock. This leaves the edifice in place and costs very little money.

Readers may judge for themselves which solution the council has hit upon.

Of course all but the first way of dealing with this problem carries the risk of yet another sarcastic article in the Newsbrowser!

Looking down MainstreetLimavady now

A lot of our readers live in far away places hence they don't really see Limavady all that often - if ever. Many of them would love to know what the place looks these days. Even this website can't enlighten them much, as many of our pictures are  - like the photographer - ancient and out of date.

To alleviate this frustrating condition our editorial team has decided to publish a series of photographs  taken around Limavady showing familiar views - with the added bonus that they have all been taken in this year - hence are up-to-date. Clicking on any of the pictures should provide you with an enlarged view.

We begin the series by looking down Main Street.



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