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Summer 2016

The 2016 Limavady agricultural show
The Agricultural Show

30th July 2016

Here is a picture of the 2016 Limavady Agricultural Show. For those interested in a larger view click on the picture or use this link.
As our reporter is rather water shy and the weather was not very friendly, no close-up views of man or beast will be provided.

Notice also the rather good view of the old wartime Aghanloo airfield in the background. The fire station (large grey door) is on the left and the black anti-aircraft gunner training dome is middle right. Two hangers and various overgrown crew quarters can also be admired.

Piano's next door
Silly signs: They'll never get a piano through that opening!

This splendid silly sign was found by our ever-alert reporter on the old broughan wall that surrounds the Drenagh estate. The sign reads:


followed by a very impressive arrow.

When we consulted our resident music expert he simply said:

"The only way to get a piano through that gate-way would be to hire some strong men with sledges and hammer it through the opening! But who wants a hammered klavier in this day and age?"

Sonate für das Hammerklavier

Here is a link to our famous 'Silly Signs' collection

That clock
Hurray - it's those clocks again

Regular readers may remember some articles we wrote concerning the state, precision and /or completeness of the above-mentioned timepieces. These items can be found here and here.

In the first article we complained that the two clocks show different and usually inaccurate times and suggested ways to overcome this lamentable state of affairs. In the second article we voiced mild astonishment that in order to deal with our previous complaint, the hands of the clocks had mysteriously disappeared.

All is forgiven and nearly forgotten now, because as our reporter walked past the Cultural Centre the other day and glanced casually at the clocks to check what time of day it wasn't, imagine his astonishment and delight when he saw not just two fully restored clocks - pointers and all - but also the correct time. It took him several minutes to overcome his astonishment, which of course made him late for his appointment.

We can only praise the powers that be for a job well done and expertly executed. The Alexander Memorial Clock is now a credit to the town.

a time piece the same time piece

Fans of mangled and mismanaged clocks, who delighted in the above tale need not despair however. For those of you who loved the Alexander Memorial Clock just the way it was and couldn't help but shed a tear or two whilst reading the above article - help is at hand. The Market Yard restaurant - opposite the Cultural Centre - has courageously jumped into the breach by erecting their own scurrilous clock tower. 

You will be delighted to hear that this particular artefact sports not just two, but three clock faces - each one of which displays a different (and all of them wrong) time of day.

This splendid bit of advertising is obviously based on the principle that when you eat a well cooked meal, time does not matter!

Looking up Catherine StreetLimavady now

Here is another up-to-date view of Limavady.

This time we are looking up Catherine Street on another splendid day
Clicking on the picture should give you a larger view. If that doesn't work, click here.

The Lough Foyle FerryWelcome back Foyle Venture

On casually checking our Ships on Lough Foyle page - which shows all ship traffic on Lough Foyle in real time - our editor was delighted to see that the Foyle Venture was docked again in Greencastle.

Readers may remember that this was the ferry  connecting Magilligan with Greencastle - a very useful service indeed. The previous owners had given up and a long time was spent trying to find another company willing to run this route.

Well, the new company will start operations at the beginning of July - or thereabouts - and we wish them the best of Northern Irish luck.

Looking down MainstreetLimavady now

As promised a while back, here is another up-to-date view of Limavady.

This time we are looking down Catherine Street - and would you believe the weather?

As usual, clicking on the picture should give you a larger view. If that doesn't work, click here.


The heavenly messenger9th of May

Transit of Mercury - yet again

Every eight years or so the planet Mercury's orbit takes it across the face of the Sun - as seen from earth. The last time this happened was in 2006 and it won't happen again until 2019. So today's event if not exactly rare was nevertheless a welcome entertainment to all amateur astronomers who happen to live on the side of the earth facing the sun at the time.

The Newsbrowser of course hired the largest telescope available and managed to get the photograph on the right. Mercury is the bottom small black spot on the surface of the sun. The one higher up towards the middle is a sunspot.


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