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The bat file in Audacity

As mentioned on Facebook, here is a two minute .wav file recorded with the excellent Pettersson M500 ultrasound microphone. Because there are very few good quality bat sound files on the web I decided to give people a chance to experiment a bit. This is something I would have liked to be able to do myself before I bought the M500.

Don't expect anything very special. The quality of the file is excellent. It is recorded at a sample rate of 500 000 samples per second and Audacity can be used to examine it. If you are like me and like to listen to what you are doing, set the project rate to 44100 double click on the vary speed icon and enter .033. This will enable you to listen to the sample thirty times slower, which happens to be my preferred speed. Audacity can also be used to change the sample rate to 44 100 samples per second. Go to Effects, select Change speed and enter a speed multiplier of 0.1. This will make it 10 time longer and slower, more or less 44 100. Should you want to save some of your experiments as a separate audio file, befare. The project rate must be set back to 500 000 for this to work.

The sample contains the sound of a soprano pipistrelle, some good social calls, some excellent feeding buzzes (lower frequency and all) and also a Leisler. There could even be a Myotis hanging about in there, I'm not sure. If you find anything interesting, please let me know.

The file is in the form of a zip archive and needs to be unzipped. Be warned, it is 84 megabytes long and may take a while to download.

Here is the link to the file:

Batfile link

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