Border Collie tales

Ever since I met my first Border Collie over 40 years ago, I have felt that they are very special creatures. I love dogs, but collies touch a secret corner of my soul. They are so individualistic and nutty and inclined to mad adventure, that I can't resist any of them. When I think of dogs, I see a border collie in my mind's eye: drooping ear - flashing eyes - black and white nose - death defying tail and all.

The links below lead to various tales recalling some of the adventures we had with the three dogs that shared their lives with ours.

Love at first sight
A tale that shook a large tree. Read it
Playing footie 
In this game not only the ball is b&w. Read it
The postman cometh
This one may never come again. Read it
The smell from hell
What not to do when panicking. Read it
Crawling the plank
How not to look for a lost key. Read it
The long way home
Lassie, eat your heart out. Read it
Trespassers will be pursued
A tale of flashing teeth and running feet. Read it
    Cats and dog     A story with a happy end
Read it
The healing touch
It's all in the mind. Read it
Builders in the house How to bluff with a rough. Read it
The Big Bite
or: Sweet revenge Read it
Let peeing dogs lie
A deep analysis of canine psychology. Read it
playing chess
Acting the pratt
or: How to stand on your head Read it
Tudor the borderr collie
The Sir Walter treatment
How to spread a cloak Read it
Pup in a bag
What's in a joke?
or: Sweet revenge Read it
Tudor sprite
Black and white logic
When is a staircase not a staircase? Read it
Upside down
A Tale with a Sting
or: The upside-down world
of a border collie Read it


Two Tudors

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