Tales from the Roe Valley

Of Yows and Cows and People in White Coats

A nearly true tale of pointless endeavour remorselessly pursued; which also shows that all that fresh air in the country-side is not necessarily good for one.

Just ploughing along

About the fascinating hobby of precision ploughing. A tale of derring-do and brave men dominating tractors and huge horse-like creatures.

  The famous Limavady
Cattle Stampede

  A tale of one careless border collie, his surprised owner and a herd of surprisingly surprised cows.

A Walk in the Dark  
About the scary things that can happen when walking one's dog in the Roe Valley Country Park.
During the night, of course.
A Scenic Drive

  A trip around the beautiful Roe Valley, featuring stunning scenery, bad driving, a wet submarine inspector and some strange customs.

  The Guesthouse in Killarney

  A story which does for Irish tourism what Northern Rock did for the British banking system.

The Day they blew B2

 A tale of industrial know-how, expertly planned and realised, in BOC's now defunct Maydown plant.

The Beaker People

  Industrial shinannigans and social climbing at BOC's long-gone Maydown plant. After reading this tale of woe, you'll never want to wear a safety helmet again!

Me and the sedan chair
A funny thing happened . . . .

 Describing my short career as a Roman slave and soldier during the making of the movie "A funny thing happened on the way to the forum"


Two Tudors

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