The old Largy Bridge

also known as

The Dogleap Bridge

The Largy Bridge in Limavady

This  is the most beautifully situated bridge in the valley, yet I have found it difficult to find out anything about it whatever. It certainly existed in 1835, when the ordnance survey memoirs were written. Those valuable documents mention that it has two arches, one of which is useless. The latter remark presumably criticizes the smaller of the two arches, which is  high and dry above the river. Mind you, a footpath leads through it and any walker standing there will certainly not find it useless, because without it he would find himself in the middle of several tons of stone.

The building, at that time, was a toll-bridge and one of the old iron toll gates is still in place. Nowadays only a single car can get get across, but in 1838 two horses could easily have passed each other - always assuming that the riders were skilled and their mounts had a peaceful disposition.

The old water pipe
Towards the end of the 19th century the Largy Bridge was in the centre of a large industrial development, because the old power house and a second turbine, which was supplied by the large water pipe on the left, were on either side of it.

Before that time the Largy Bridge  was in the middle of linen manufacturing in the valley. A large bleaching green and beetling shed are close by.

As the site of the old castle of the O'Cahans is only a few hundred metres away, one can assume that this was an important location and that a previous, possibly wooden bridge spanned the river here. Because the gorge is so deep and narrow, it is relatively easy to span at this point but without it the river would certainly be a huge obstacle to any group of armed men with evil intent.

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