The Rough Fort The rough fort outside Limavady
The Rough Fort outside Limavady Grid reference C658230 

Just half a mile outside town on the road to Derry, you can't help but see the "Rough Fort" which is a stone age rath, ie the old earth wall which used to surround a farmstead to keep animals in and strangers out. Usually these old structures are marked with mature trees, presumably because people did not like to violate such an old site.
The rath close=up A closer examination of the overgrown site reveals a central flat arena surrounded by a ditch and an earthen wall.

 A rath is a fortified farmstead and was usually inhabited by one family. Sometimes the early settlers surrounded their dwellings with a substantial stone wall, in which case one calls it a cashel.

Between 1691 and 1702, when William King was Bishop of Derry, catholics and dissenters were not allowed to practice their religion. The catholic church went underground and held masses in various hidden places in the countryside, usually at night. The Rough Fort was one such place.

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