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April 2001

The closed entrance to the Country Park The Country Park is more or less open again  
The Roe Valley Country Park is half open again. The forest walk from the Country Park Centre to the bottom car park seems to be accessible but the nice walk along the Roe past fields devoid of animals is blocked by the huge metal construction shown on the left. If you want to walk there you can still only do it via this link.

More Room for the Presses  
Limavady Printing Company is building new premises. The ground breaking design can be seen on the right. Observe the mighty girders of steel and the adventurous angle of the roof.

The new edifice is not far away from the premises of the News Browser and our reporter could hear the delighted comments of the neighbours through an open window. "Isn't it beautiful?" "Yes, remember the horrible row of trees we used to have to look at, polluting the countryside with their leaves every Autumn".

The Limavady Printing company offices to be

"I remember it well. And do you recall those horrible little birds that used to hop about in those trees keeping us awake all day long with their tuneless singing whilst nursing their flea-ridden chicks."

"I do, I do! This building is much nicer".

It is rumoured that the printing office might be in line for our prestigious 'Ugliest building in the world award".

A blocked path

A blocked path

The state of our Country Park  
Now that the top half of the Country Park is closed, our reporter decided to look at the bottom half of this splendid area of woodland. He was not impressed.

The old mill race is without water and needs a good clean-up, there is an over abundance of warning signs and needless fences, the path on the far side of the Roe is blocked just opposite O'Cahan's rock and the old trees that once made the site of the O'Cahan's vanished castle such a mysterious and romantic place have become victims of a chain-saw massacre.

The beauty of the river banks is marred by countless colourful plastic bags decorating the roots of ancient trees. What we need is a clean-up.

Another break-in in the Tech  
Over the weekend thieves broke into some of the mobile classrooms belonging to Limavady College - again! After re-decorating one room with the help of a now empty ink pot they decided to move to Room 42, daytime abode of Mr Lueg, a well-known character who can fix anything and teach nothing any more. This set off the burglar alarm and the thieves fled. The room is shown on the right; it is not assumed that the criminals are in the picture.

Currently it is thought that the perpetrators could either be:

  • A gang of young thieves, unable to hold down a job but capable of climbing a fence.

  • Highly sophisticated protesters trying to tell the authorities that providing Further Education in ancient huts is not a good idea.

Investigations continue.

Room 42

Room 42
Peering over the pier

Magilligan pier.
Piering at Lough Foyle  
On the left you can admire a view of the new pier currently being built at Magilligan Point. A ferry should plough these waters in just a few more months - saving the weary Limavady motorist a tiring journey to Donegal around Lough Foyle and back again. Work is progressing slowly and - judging by the age of some of the machinery used - is not going to speed up soon.

A ferry is a great idea of course, but if it is hoped to attract many visitors from the South to the West over there, to travel to their East in the North over here, the seashore will have to be tidied up a bit - some of the coastline looks like a rubbish dump and if the passengers of the future ferry don't get seasick coming across, the drive from the ferry to the main road is bound to do the job.

Fixing the Martello Tower

Just a few yards from the new pier, glowering over the landscape, is the Martello tower. We are glad to be able to report that the staircase to the entrance half way up its massive wall is being repaired. Judging by the newly poured concrete foundations, the new staircase is going to be a much grander and - it is hoped - more elegant affair than the old one.

The scaffold on the left seems to be there for weed removal and block pointing as that side of the tower has sprouted a small vertical rockery. Mind you, this reporter would not advise anyone to use that particular construction as it is in a much worse state than the old steps ever were.

The Martello tower

The Martello Tower

Limavady ways

Here is a fairly typical Saturday morning scene Limavady style. It is raining that special kind of rain that seems to be wetter than water. Cars are parked everywhere and of course there is also the obligatory builder's skip. A forward planning trader has reserved parking space outside the back of his shop with three carefully chosen and strategically placed temporary obstacles. A perfectly normal scene.

Is it only in Limavady that nobody seems to wonder why it is necessary to reserve a parking space on a double yellow line?

Foot and Mouth Disease in Limavady?

This morning (Thursday the 19th) it was announced that a farm in the Limavady area had a suspected case of foot and mouth. Samples were taken and sent to Scotland for analysis and everyone feared the worst.

Later on it was declared that this was a 'cold case'. We have never heard of 'cold foot and mouth', but if it prevents a mass slaughter of animals in the area, it is welcome.

A new building site

Another building site

As predicted by the News Browser last month, the old building between the Thatch and the Chinese takeaway is in the process of being taken away. The roof is nearly gone and as there seems to be a market for old bricks it may take some time for the rest of the building to follow.

If the last renewal project in this locality is anything to go by, we will all have to prepare ourselves for some well-timed rush-hour traffic delays and a Catherine Street obstacle course constructed with a wicked sense of humour. This could last for months, boys!

Stating the obvious

Regular readers of the News Browser know that the editor has a weakness for curious signs and notices. Well, here's another one.

This wooden example of the human urge to inform, has grown up in the Country Park. It is very useful indeed and any passing tourist that is under the illusion that the glittering thing 20 yards away is some North American grassland under a burning sun and the accompanying noise the thunder of countless buffalo hooves will instantly realize that the object is in fact a nameless river.

Let us just hope that they didn't cut the tree down just to make a sign.

A sign saying Roe with the Roe just a few metres away

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