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April 2002

We kick this month off with

Limavady Conundrum #4

The question was: "Where did Oliver meet the Flintstones?"

The best guess came - you've guessed it - from Australia. Jonathan, son of Mrs Sylvia Tosh wrote:

A: The dolmen at Carrick East The excavation in July 1936 by J Mullin and O. Davies (Oliver) - found remains of pots and pieces of flint (flintstones).

Our editor freely admits that this answer is better than the question, but we had of course a much more recent occurrence in mind. However, we make Jonathan Tosh the winner anyway. The answer, as usual, is

just a click away.

The next conundrum will be presented after we have reported on some news.

And here is a link to the puzzles so far.

The lambing season  

Border collies and hill farmers are working overtime at the moment. The first lambs in the valley appeared at the end of January, but up on the hills it is a different story. Luckily the weather has been mild and there has been little rain. Most farmers are quite happy with results so far - even though they had to work over Easter tending their flocks.

The lambs told us that they quite like the view.

A new-born lamb
Benevenagh and the Roe Bridge The weather  

Admirers of Limavady's rich and varied weather patterns are not known for their enthusiasm or indeed their love of the subject. But even the greatest pessimists have stood back in amazement over these last few days. When you walk through the town all you hear is: "Nice day, isn't it?" or:"Great weather we are having, don't you think?".

If you meet a totally hopeless case you might even hear: "I don't think it will ever rain again." or: "Do you think I should sell my umbrella collection?"

All these opinions are valid, but it has to be said that the weather has been grand these last few days!

A white and very noisy plane Have you heard this plane?  

You always know when the sun shines in Limavady because this strange white plane appears from the Ballykelly direction with motor sounding as if the silencer has just dropped off. It flies over the town, returns - still on full throttle - and flies over the town again in order to land.

Half an hour later it comes back - this time a bit lower and noisier. Presumably it flies only on sunny days because it isn't water tight, but why is it always so noisy? Other aircraft cruise over the town and you can hardly hear them.

Our editor is a hard working man, but even he likes to snooze in the garden on a nice sunny day.

Not any more!

Corridor in the Tech Renovating the Tech  

Over the last few weeks the lower floor and front of this venerable institution have been violently re-decorated. Offices have been moved, paint has been sloshed and dust has risen from places where it hadn't risen from for decades.

The job still is not finished, but past students might like to take a look at the new-look corridor looking towards the staff room. Gone are the lockers - never to be seen again and a new colour scheme dazzles the eye.

Even the front car park has been re-decorated with adorable, easy to knock over little pillars.

A concrete dog Limavady Website starts Page on local Schools  

If the above article has made you feel sentimental or home sick, chances are you are an ex student of one of the four local post-primary schools: Limavady High, St Mary's High, the Grammar School or the Tech.

To give you all a chance to see what the places of your youthful crimes look like nowadays, we have started a Limavady's School page. Just follow the link and be amazed.

Thanks for the idea, Jeff.

A big building site The By-pass  

We have never seen a building site which was started at so many places at once. At this rate the bypass will be ready by Christmas! The dust raised is unbelievable and how so few man can cut such a huge gash into the landscape in such a short time has to be seen to be believed.

Our picture shows the section of the bypass that runs through Drenagh estate linking the Broad Road with the Dowland Road.

A big building site The Town Hall  

The Alexander hall is still rotting quietly away. The lottery fund has just refused to give a 2.7 million grant because basically in their proposal the council showed that they weren't really interested in the old building and just wanted money to develop a site that was not in keeping with the rest of the town.

By a strange coincidence, that is exactly what a lot of townspeople said a few years back when there was a drive to preserve the old town hall.

Well boys, it's back to the drawing board and how about listening to the voters this time round?

Limavady Conundrum #5  

This one is geographical - and comes like most questions in geography in three parts.

There is a black dome somewhere in Limavady.  

The first question is quite easy to answer - especially for those that live close to the dome. The second question is slightly harder. The answer to the third questions is for experts only.

  • 1: Where can that black dome be found?
  • 2: Why was it built?
  • 3: What was it used for?

Please send your answers to the editor. The winner will see his or her name in large red letters and will be allowed to feel very pleased with himself.


1st of April
No April fool folks, Limavady lost 1:2 against Carrick Rangers with a Mr Scaltack scoring the goal of honour.

13th of April
I'm afraid they lost again, this time 1:3 against Armagh City


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