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April 2004


Trees near the Market yard Spring is coming  

The weather is getting warmer and some trees - like these wonderful examples near the Market Yard - are starting to green. People are starting to throw away their umbrellas and look at the sun in the eye and smile.

It is the time of the year to tidy up and for councils to argue about which flag should fly over which building on which day. Spring is here.


Tudor the border collie The lambing season  

The lambing season is in full swing and hill farmers are busy playing mountain-chess. This is a complicated game in which various sheep get moved to various fields on various days in a highly intricate fashion.

Tudor - our news-hound - who is by nature and persuasion a border collie, watches all these goings-on with more than his usual professional interest.

Newborn lambs

Central entrance to Limavady Limavady central  

In the opinion of some of our readers, the central entrance to Limavady is in serious need of improvement. Not only does the amazed traveller look at the back of the bus depot and various other buildings of an industrial nature, but to the left is the town's water treatment plant. This is obviously a very useful installation and every visitor with a working nose will instantly be able to verify that the plant seems to work - but the impression is not a pretty one.

Further down the road
Once past the smelly bit, the visitor is confronted with a confusing T junction which offers three exits onto lower Main Street - all of them usually lined with parked cars and lorries and often abandoned equipment. If ever there was a need for some roadworks in town, here it is.

The approach from the Derry side has been spoiled by the felling of the trees around the Market Yard, the central entry stinks and only the approach from Coleraine can be said to do the town justice - though the visitor has to navigate a rather dangerous turn-off.


Whgats left of Coat Cutters Cost Cutters has burned down  

8th April 2004

This morning at around 3 o'clock a fire broke out in Cost Cutters, the late night supermarket at the Derry entrance to the town. It took the fire brigade till seven in the morning to get the blaze under control. The premises were destroyed though luckily their underground petrol tanks survived.

The United Services club next door also has fire and water damage but no other house was affected, though the people living in Protestant Street must have had a worrying night.


Buy your costumes here Another new business has been spotted.  

It is amazing how many small new shops have opened in town recently. Our editor came across this splendid example of the kind the other day. When asked what he thought about he said:

"I've lived in Limavady for nearly forty years and I never knew there was even a need for theatrical costumes - but this sign makes things much clearer. For instance, it explains the extraordinary number of cowboys you see all over the town."



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