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April 2005

What is a Flute Light?  

Regular readers will be familiar with our passion for strange signs and this week's special offer from Lidl's is stranger than most. Our editor used to be an electrician and he has seen many lights but this one had him puzzled. After a hasty conference the team came up with these explanations. Flute light for sale

  1. Today is the 1st of April and this is just a lidl joke to celebrate the occasion.

  2. This really is a flute light and it enables people like James Galway to study their scores from a very great distance in the middle of the night.

  3. This is a standard halogen flood light and Lidl's translators subscribe to the strange theory that to translate something from German into English you just add an 'E' to the odd German word or two.

Whatever the reason, we can't wait for next week's special offers.

Here is a link to our famous Silly signs collection

Ballyhanna Forest  

ex forest It seems that Ballyhanna Forest at the top of the Bishops Road is finally for the chop. Huge machines driven by energetic men are chopping the place down as if their wages depended on it.

Its a pity that the place will look like a mess for the next few years, it was such a nice drive.

Crooked trees The Connell Street Car Park  

While one lot knocks trees down, another lot is planting new ones. After having just planted a nice forest along the bypass, the DOE is busy re-foresting the Connell Street car park - and very nice it is going to look too.

Mind you, it seems that there is a certain inattention to detail creeping in: "Try planting them straight, boys! Always plant them straight!"

Arnold's lambs New lambs everywhere  

The lambing season is slowly coming to an end and the mountain fields on Benevenagh are well populated with newcomers. Here is a part of the prize winning Arnold Douglas flock enjoying the view over the Foyle.

If you like to learn more about the strange goings on on Mount Benevenagh, here is a link to a tale about some of the
Yows and Cows living on that beautiful mountain.

A television bus The television is in town  

People in the valley will have noticed how boring the television news has become just recently and how many empty promises are made all over the place by all kinds of people. Outsiders who read this and think to themselves: "There must be an election on" are of course quite right.

Even BBC Northern Ireland television paid a visit to the town to try and stir up some excitement for the general election in May. A large bus was parked opposite Lidl's in Main Street and Noel Thompson - reporter in chief for the BBC NI TV on the road asked a group of politicians some searching questions about Limavady matters raised by Limavady people.

What are you doing? Unfortunately, as none of the politicians was from Limavady, the replies couldn't be anything but the kind of statement groaned about at the beginning of this far too political article.

Mind you, Mr Thompson better worry about his job. The new generation of star reporters is willing to learn and looking over his shoulder everywhere he goes.

Lady O'Cahan's bridge Hidden Places  
This sad looking ruin carries a once famous name. It is called: "Lady O'Cahan's Bridge" on the Ordnance Survey map.

All that remains are two piers and two iron girders in the midst of some spectacular, but uncared for scenery. A pity that the old name couldn't be remembered in a better setting. If anybody knows anything about the history of that bridge, our editor would love to hear about it.


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