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April 2006

partial eclipse of the sun A partial eclipse of the Sun  

A partial eclipse of the sun was predicted for today, the 29th of March. Because we know of the huge interest some of our readers have in matters astronomical, our science editor was made to get up early and he staggered to his telescope just before 10 o'clock in the morning!

Nothing happened for a long time and he began to think that he was maybe looking at the wrong sun, when the moon finally made a rather timid appearance around eleven.

Notice also the plane load of sun-seekers at the bottom of the picture.

A plane that landed on the wrong air strip A landing joke  

Here at the News Browser, we don't like to draw the wrong conclusions in a hurry - like some high flyers often do - but it looks very much as if the pilot who flew yon plane in our previous news item, flew too close to the Sun, got blinded and then managed to land in the wrong place.

However, to come back to earth. An unnamed pilot today mistook the second world war airstrip in Ballykelly for the 'City of Derry Airport' - terminal building, control tower and all - and landed his plane containing 39 passengers just a few miles too soon. How one can mistake an unlit airstrip for the brightly lit runway of the local airport is anyone's guess but happily no-one got hurt, though the plane seems to have come very close to that barrier!

Our photograph shows the result of this Icarian adventure.

One can't help wondering if the same pilot will be picked to extract that plane from its unusual predicament.

A huge sign warning pilots to pick the right air
                field Safety first  

Today, on the 1st of April, council workers put the finishing touches to a gigantic new sign placed just under the flightpath of most aircraft approaching the City of Derry Airport. It was felt that the aircrews needed all the help they could get - to say nothing of the passengers.

Unfortunately the pilots have to fly rather lower than usual in order to be able to read the sign and local residents have complained about the incessant noise. But they were told to stop making such a fuzz and be quiet.

The sign seems to work because so far most planes have more or less managed to find the correct runway.

Two yows arguing in the snow Where is the Spring?  

The sheep on right is saying:

"Considering it is already the 9th of April, this is the coldest Spring I can remember in all my years. How are the little ones going to cope with this weather?"

The sheep on the left answered:

"O you silly yow. You are only two years old and anyway, you are standing on my blade of grass. Be off with you!"

They both had a point.

The Alexander meorial ruin The Alexander Memorial Ruin and Advertising Feature  

For those of our readers not lucky enough to be able to drive down Main Street anytime they like here is a progress report on the town centre development:

Nothing is happening!

All over town major building work is taking place - Tesco, Brian Brown and Costcutters are just the tip of the iceberg - yet the one place longest in the planning is standing there looking silly.

Surely someone could at least remove those posters.


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