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April 1998
The Ghost of Margaret
Since the 1st of April all colleges of further education are either privatized or nationalised or something, I'm not quite sure of the exact status. Reliable opinion informs me that it hasn't worked anywhere else, but it's bound to work here.

They've picked a good day for it though.

More jobs at Huco
Those nice people at Huco have said that they are not going to pull out just yet,but are planning instead to spend more money in the town and employ more people.

Goody, goody.

Catherine Street
The new pedestrian crossings are marvellous. As expected they have caused huge traffic jams and some adventurous obstacle course driving by enthusiastic motorists. This exciting state of affairs has nothing to do with the safety islands, but everything to do with Limavady parking habits, which are not so much uncontrolled as totally anarchistic.

It is also astounding to note that the DOE and various builders have waited nearly four days before they ripped up two brand new sidewalks to lay forgotten cables and whatnot. Well done boys - your forward planning is as good as ever.

As well as a crop of red and white signs forbidding various forms of recreation, the Country Park has gained the presence of some ducks of various species. I am always more than happy to welcome new visitors to the Country Park, so here's a "Quack" to all of youse.
Scared ducks
The weather
Everyone who is anyone is complaining about the weather, so I might as well join in. The weather is terrible. Snow, hail, rain, cold winds from all directions but most of them straight from the pole - the weather is terrible.
Sport and Recreation
The Sport and Recreation Centre is in the process of recreation, at the moment. I've only had a short look, but they are installing one of those huge flying roofs. In the meantime fitness fanatics can make use of the fitness suite in Limavady College.

Where is all the money coming from that is being spent around town .. and can anyone apply?


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