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August 2002

Limavady Conundrum #7  

Time again for yet another answer. Thanks to all who wrote in. There were no correct answers which, considering how little goat's cheese is sold in Limavady, is no surprise.

It is a little known fact that there is a herd of feral goats patrolling the slopes of Benevenagh. They are quite shy animals but are reputed to come down in the Winter to beg for food. We have only ever seen them twice.

Here is a picture of some of them.

The bypass The Bypass  

Work has been progressing at an astonishing rate. The last big hole dug can be seen on the left. You are looking from the Artikelly Bridge towards Aghanloo. There used to be a small hill obscuring the Murderhole Road going off to the right, but no more. It disappeared within a few days and the slope of the new road can now be seen.

Then suddenly last week the boys parked their dumpers and diggers, downed tools and went off to Cyprus and/or Spain. Now there is a deadly silence all along the bypass; interrupted only by the noise of the odd executive jeep desperately trying to sound busy.

It is hoped that the men will return eventually, but many of us still remember the upgrading of Main Street a couple of years ago. It took them weeks to start again!

The bypass Rats! Run left please  

This new sign has appeared at the junction of Killane and Tyler roads. It encourages the passing motorist to follow the diversion route from Scriggan Road and not take the handy shortcut through Tyler Road and Tyler Park to Rathmore Road and on to Coleraine.

Though we admit that it is a good sturdy sign we ask ourselves: "Why are they giving the game away?". Until he saw this work of art it hadn't even occurred to our reporter to try that particular short-cut.

The bypass Parking in Main Street  

Half of Main Street was blocked on Saturday. Apparently there was a cross-country car rally somewhere out in the sticks between Coleraine and Limavady, and for some peculiar reason all the racing cars assembled along Main Street.

If the police hadn't lined up those traffic cones no-one would have noticed anything different and would just have assumed that it was parking as usual along Main Street.

A lot of hurdles Town improvers strike again!  

You are looking at a picture of what's left of the footpath in Catherine Street, which is currently festooned with some of the tools of the builder's trade. Pedestrians are coping quite well with the disturbance, but the poor cyclists are now forced to use the road. The last time this footpath was dug up was about four years ago and it is to be hoped that they'll get it right this time.

They are installing a new electricity cable and hopefully all will be over in a few days. The red bricks are already back in place at the fire station - just waiting for another public utility to lift them again.

A pier with no ferry "Where is yon ferry, man?"  

That is the question disappointed tourists down in Magilligan have been heard asking all week. Their favourite mode of transport has suddenly disappeared. Rumour has it that it shipped some water and went off for repairs. Another question everyone asks is:"What happened to the passengers who had bought return tickets for the last trip?"

The walk to Greencastle

Most people when faced with a surprise like this go home and cry, but when you are day-tripping with a border collie there is no choice. You just have to hoof it - all the way to Greencastle!

A lot of hurdles Limavady - Bloomtown!  

The recent fine weather has made it possible to fully appreciate the beautiful flower displays all around town. Hanging baskets and stands overflow with flowers and some of the road-side displays, like this one at the end of Ballyclose Street, really brighten the place up.

This often mildly critical publication would like to congratulate the people responsible and say: "Well done. Please keep on doing it."


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