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August 2003

Windmills outside Dungiven

Windy hills

It has been pointed out to us that we should really record the fact that the Roe Valley is slowly turning into the renewable energy centre of Ulster - and we have to agree with this advice.

The photograph shows the newly opened windfarm outside Dungiven. The windmills on Temain Hill have been spinning for years of course, dominating the landscape and generating electricity on windy days.

Robert's old shop in Limavdy

Robert's has closed

Another long established shop has closed in Limavady. If you knew that you had to buy something for the house, but couldn't quite remember what it was, Robert's could supply you with it at a bargain price.

If this trend continues there will soon be no small shops selling useful things left in Limavady.

Waiting for the Foyle ferry

Queueing for the crossing

The Foyle ferry has been very busy in the last few weeks. At the Magilligan terminal the queue stretches out onto the road at times and nearly every day-crossing takes a full load of 38 to 40 cars.

We can thoroughly recommend the journey - particularly during the fine weather we are having at the moment.

Emptying the bins

Smelly bins  

Since the introduction of 'blue bins' for 'green' waste, the standard black rubbish bins are emptied only every other week. The extra week gives household rubbish twice as long to mature. This has the unfortunate effect that during this hot spell, one can smell the bin lorry moving through Limavady from the other side of Dungiven!

Future sign posts in Limavady

The way out of town

You are looking at two large steel posts, part of a crop that have been erected all over the centre of town. Evidently Limavady is in line for a major traffic sign renewal.

The timing of this exercise is most amusing. As we now have a working by-pass, most strangers pass us by happily wondering what the place on hill might be like. Consequently Limavady's streets are filled with equally happy locals all busy parking their cars where no car would be parked in any other town. All these creative motorists know the place like the back of their hand and could have managed with the existing signs for years to come.

Come to think of it, it is not that difficult: Derry is this way, Coleraine that way and Dungiven over yonder.  

Future sign posts in Limavady

Fire at Limavady Tech

Another temporary classroom seems to have burnt down at the Tech. Limavady's finest responded with lightning speed and the fire was soon put out. Access to the place was easy because the front of the college is one great big cleared building site at the moment.

Hopefully once the new extension is finished there won't be any more need for wooden huts - smoked or otherwise.  


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