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August 2004

Building works Beautifying Newtowne Square  

Council workers are busy trying to make the central car park look more like a new town square. A small area has been dug out and the plan is to provide an area for the disabled and to plant four trees.

A bit of greenery in that rather ugly square is more than welcome.

The shop and a furniture van Tweedy Acheson are moving  

Tweedy Achesons, who have had a furniture shop in central Main Street for longer than many people can remember, are temporarily moving further down the road to where Shop Electric used to be.

They tried to make the move easier by having a grand sale - some big fool even bought that grandfather clock that used to greet you on your way in. There are no prizes for guessing who they hired to move all that furniture for them.

And how come that lorry is pointing the wrong way up a one way street?

A silly sign Nourishments  

As many readers will know, we are always studying the many informative signs which grace our lovely town. We simply couldn't resist this one, which we spotted on upper Main Street. In this day and age all fast food restaurants seem to offer the same dull menu. So it is refreshing to learn that Limavady is one of the few places on this planet where you can still buy an honest to goodness, juicy soup sandwich.

Bring your own napkin. And make it a large one!

New readers might like to explore our Silly signs collection

Road works in Main Street Roadworks  

It's the time of the year for road works again, though in Limavady this is not really a seasonal activity. The present slow moving instruction is a networking cable that started at the Coleraine end of town and is slowly crawling towards the Derry Road.


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