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August 2006

A humpdd back bridge Is this the "International Hump-Back Bridge Painting month"?  

Local readers will have noticed that the small bridges in the valley are in the process of being beautified by a talented bunch of black and white painters. The results of their efforts look magnificently safe and splendid.

Could our international readers please let us know if this is a purely local effort or are all small bridges in the English speaking world being painted this month?

A traffic jam Traffic jams  

Limavady is currently full of traffic jams. If those people planning to visit us have the choice, we would suggest that they take the helicopter instead of the car.

All this urban fun is due to the laying of gas mains in the town. Limavady hasn't had town gas for a long time so this is welcome news but the corner of Irish Green Street and Connell Street really needs sorted out!

Post Office for hire

Limavady's old post office - which has just been fixed up and looks very nice indeed - is up for rent.

Are we the only ones who think that now, when it is right beside the busiest shop in town and there are masses of free parking places available, it would be a good time for Royal Mail to move in again?

Broighter Gold II A scenic drive  

May we draw the attention of our discerning readership to a new section of this site. A scenic drive is an illustrated trip through part of the Roe Valley.

Exiles may enjoy the many scenic photographs whereas locals will find some of the driving very familiar.

A scenic drive
Racing through the town

The Saturday traffic on Main Street was made even more interesting the other day when the Dog Leap Rally was started in the middle of the town. A small crowd had gathered to watch the proceedings and to listen to a very noisy announcer trying his hardest to keep them amused.

It is sometimes not possible to spot the difference between rally drivers and ordinary motorists. As our contribution to road safety, here is a small guide that should make it easy to know one from the other.

  • Rally drivers use colourful cars which have numbers on their sides and they tend to drive quite fast.

  • Ordinary motorists use colourful cars with numbers on the back and front and they tend to drive like raving lunatics.

It is advisable to avoid both groups!

The parade Parading through the town  

The Mayor's parade was a bit of a disappointment this year. Not very many people turned up to watch and there were only about ten floats and nobody marching or doing anything else. Half the parade got separated from the other half so that the onlookers saw four floats trundle down Main Street followed by nothing very much until finally the rest of the parade arrived. By this time the police had allowed the traffic to flow again so that we ended up with a traffic jam containing a few floats.

This is a great pity because some of the floats were very well done and the people concerned had obviously gone to a lot of trouble. Hopefully we'll have better luck next year.


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